Now, the world is getting much more conscious about eating healthy like never before. Due to this realisation craving for superfoods among a huge number of people is increasing remarkably and Dates fruit is one of the favourite and popular one in the superfood diet chart. So, large number of health concerned people are found in the dates fruit shop or in the dates wholesale shop. Some people also buy Dates online also.

Dates, a popular type of fruit, are cultivated largely in the Middle East, North Africa and it is the staple item in these countries. This ancient fruit was first traced in about 5320 BC. Now, it is available easily worldwide through online.

Basically, date is a tropical fruit which is grown on date palm trees. Scientifically it is known as Phoenix Dactylifera. This particular fruit is acknowledged as one of the healthiest fruits around the world. Though date fruit belongs to dry fruit category, it is extremely tasty and highly nutritious. Dates also play a significant role in the cultural heritage of different middle east nations. The name of ‘Date’ is derived from Greek word ‘Gaktulos’, which means in english is “fingers”.  the peculiar shape of the fruit is responsible for the name.  Date palms are scientifically known as Phoenix Dactylifera and belong to the Arecaceae family.

Causes of rising demand for Date Fruits

Dates fruits are beneficial enough due to its innate composition of macronutrients and lots of healthy elements. Need of taking Dates fruit will form a long list. Here are a few of them

Full of nutritious value

Dates contain loads of vitamins and minerals with fibre and antioxidants. The calorie content dried date fruit is higher than the fresh one. Dates are good source of high antioxidants, which is essential for good health. The chart below shows the nutritional value of 100-gram dates fruit.

Good for bone health

Dates contain several minerals, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. As per studies, each and every minerals of this list have the capability to prevent bone-related conditions like osteoporosis. The above micronutrients ensure your bone health. If you are suffering from any kind of bone related problems, then include dates fruit to your regular diet so that your bones can remain healthy throughout your life.

Awesome for healthy skin

There are various nutrients that can be beneficial for your skin. Most people today suffer from a lot of skin problems and depend on cosmetics to deal with them. While these cosmetics provides fast relief, it also makes your skin tone inconsistent in the long run. Using harmful chemicals on your face can also lead to it developing rashes and other skin disorders that can affect you adversely.

Dates are a very good option for taking care of your skin. The high concentrations of vitamin C and vitamin D works well to provide good nourishment to your skin. Vitamin C and D improve elasticity of your skin which is very hard to maintain as you age.

Dates are very much helpful in maintaining a healthy balance of melanin in your skin by lessening the chances of it being deposited in different locations.

A special variety of dates Fruit

There are variety of dates all over the world. each and every variety are excellent depending on its colour, texture and flavour. Ajwa dates fruit is one of the popular variety of dates. You can get it any standard dates fruit wholesale of your locality.

Ajwa dates is actually black dates grown in Saudi Arabia. This sweet, fruity and fresh flavoured dates are flexible and small in size. it is the most delicate and expensive variety of dates. is one of the leading exporters of exclusive dates all around the globe.

Nutrition and health benefits of Ajwa dates

This particular date is primarily composed of carbohydrates and little amount of sugar. it contains glucose and fructose also with little amount of starch. Due to its sugary content this particular date provides a good supply of energy.  It is easily digestible and contain a good amount of dietary soluble and insoluble fibre.

In addition, Ajwa dates contain vitamin A, B-complex vitamins: B1 thiamine, B2 riboflavin, nicotinic acid (niacin).  It is a great natural source of folic acid, which is one of the important micronutrients.  The dates also protect the Kidneys against various drugs.

Storage facts of Date Fruits    

Ajwa dates are harvested in the ripened and dried stage. So, it needs a minimum humidity content, because humidity provides this fruit a prolonged shelf life and so it can be sold round the year.

In the dates factory, the date fruits are packed in large cardboard containers for exports and bulk sales. They do not require special storage such as refrigeration, although care must be taken not to store them in areas with excessive heat or humidity. Otherwise, it may harden the fruit which is unsuitable for the consumer.

Dates Exportation and Consumer Markets

These dates are mainly consumed locally in Saudi Arabia and the other countries where they grow. The dates suppliers collect and pack the dates in bulk for exporting in the neighbourhood countries such as India and other Asian countries and Middle East. In addition, date fruits also exported in other the distant parts of the world such as Europe, America and Africa. Besides, the dates are also supplied to the Iranian date suppliers for huge demand of the dates.

However, almost in every country, different kinds of dates are available in the dates wholesale shop where you can get fresh fruits in reasonable price. In addition, you can get any type of dates through online. A huge number of people are accessing their most favourite dates staying at home. They buy dates online and, in some cases, they also enjoy a good discount on their purchase. So, never delay to contact any reputed wholesale dealer to get this dried fruit. You may visit to get more information about it.