A variety of Ajwa Dates Suppliers offers a wide range of products at competitive prices. These suppliers have been granted authorization by the Government of Rajasthan to sell Rajasthani style Dates as New Indian Gift. These suppliers are authorized to sell Rajasthani style old age Days like “Ajwas-Ki-Roshan” or “Ajwas-Ki-Sanam” and “Ajwas-Lal-Fekk”. They have established themselves as leading suppliers of Rajasthani Gifts in India with excellent products and services. They also offer end to end professional services for booking & dispatch of Ajwa-Date orders from India to any other country.

Managers/Directors: Managers/directors are involved in day-to-day kind of business activities. They can be involved in import/export, home delivery/ imports, home delivery/ exports. They must be experienced and trained in home delivery/ imports/exports. They need to possess good communication skills, excellent English communication skill, experience in managing a large volume of orders and timely delivery. Managers/directors have the ability to make quick decisions under extreme time constraint and possess strong negotiating abilities.

Operation Department: Operation department consists of a few key people. These people have day-to-day tasks such as receiving/delivering orders, collecting payments, maintaining inventory, processing returned checks etc. They need to be highly qualified and should posses excellent computer skills. These people are responsible for managing the entire processes and supervision of suppliers. Their functions are spread over various geographical locations and they enjoy a strong cross-functional relationship with all our Clients.

Support: Since it is a new product we need some support from the supplier. We could get help by e-mail or telephone. But there is always a possibility of non-response in case of an online-order. So, we opt for the suppliers who offer live chat facility to us so that we can get live advice or any assistance regarding ordering, shipping, returns etc.

Service charges: As the product is new in the market, the supplier may charge slightly higher than usual charged by them. It will depend on the material and quality of the material used by them. But generally, they are quite reasonable. In the same way, the service charges will also depend upon the nature of the relationship between the Client and the Company.