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With the dates harvest season in full swing in Saudi Arabia, ample varieties of the fruit are filling the dates wholesale market as well as the retail markets across the kingdom, which boasts the world’s largest number of date palm trees and is the third biggest producer of fresh dates worldwide.  Kurmaborong  is one of the most important dates that also bring good revenues for the government of the corresponding countries if they can flourish in the wholesale market.

Saudi Arabia’s largest date market is located in Buraydah, the  capital of the north-central Al-Qassim region. It is in the 330 km northwest of Saudi capital Riyadh.The region boasts  of the highest number of dates palm productionThe region has more than 7 million date palm trees, the highest number among all the regions of  the kingdom.

Dating back to some 60 years ago, Buraydah Dates Festival usually fills with activities, and date farmers expect higher dates wholesale during the  year’s festival in the month Sept and Oct.

As revealed by a survey done by the  Saudi National Center for Palms and Dates, the annual production of fresh dates amounts to about 15% of global output, reaching 1.3 million tons per year from 28 million palm trees.More than 1,000 sq km of land is under date palm cultivation in Saudi Arabia, producing some 400 varieties of dates.

Every year, during this 35-day festival in hot summer, the farmers from Al-Qassim and other regions get together for the biggest occasion of this kind. The festival is not simply an annual dates wholesale marketplace, but also a lifeline or the support of the thousands of farmers and youths who depend on the income generated out of different dates farming.

The festival is not only the place of the grand display of the date farmer’s harvest, but also the brokerage market where traders seek the services of distinguished auctioneers to achieve the most favorable prices for the dates.

At the festival, hundreds of trucks laden with boxes and crates of various varieties of dates dressed in the traditional white robes with red-and-white checkered headdress for men, auctioneers are hawking their wares atop their trucks as customers inspect fistfuls of dates. These precede the dates wholesale of all the varieties,  including Safawi, Kabkab, Rabbi, Kurmaborong, Sayer, Piarom, Deglet noor, Medjool, Zahedi Dates  etc.

The dates harvest season

The harvesting seasons continue for 3 months that starts from August in most of the regions in Saudi Arabia.

Through its exhibition area in the Dates Festival, the date producing countries share in the global dates wholesale market by raising export awareness and developing the readiness of potential exporters.

It also aims to shed light on global market opportunities in the dates sector, based on its role in increasing the quantity of Saudi non-oil export countries  encouraging openness to international markets. It raises the competitive quality of local products. The dates Festival attracts many consumers and traders from Gulf countries and the Arab world.

The dates wholesale market strategy 

The harvesting of dates and participating in the great festival is not enough for wholesale of dates. The technique of selling differs from industry to industry and with the difference of individual retailers.  But all the date stores don’t have the same strategy of selling.

For instance, in case of smaller shops, you can deal with the shop owner directly. But, in case of chain buyers, you may meet with the enthusiastic buyers who are eager to obtain dates on a seasonal schedule.

Or they may want to place order at trade show based on big industries.  Perhaps they would like to place a lot of orders before the high festive season, all set to ship on different dates. It is important to put up these kinds of schedules of the dates wholesale market.

The wholesalers must have Quality-control teams to make sure that dates products are free from pesticides, fraud and other irregularities. Furthermore, a guide office need to set up for the lead customers to sell the finest types of dates, while a tent was set aside to allow youths to sell dates on a retail basis.

The growing of the best dates,  like Kurmaborongthe farms that spread across huge  acres of land where an assortment of dates are grown. Handpicked and hygienically processed dates are the only quality that are needed for making sure the  quality of the dates wholesale  where no quality is compromised. The farm fresh dates are always exclusive and suitable for export and wholesaling.

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